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When we think of an moissanite engagement ring, we immediately imagine a large diamond on a ring. Certainly, a diamond engagement ring is sparkling, durable, elegant, and prestigious, but unfortunately, the beautiful big diamond that we all dream of is extremely expensive for the average person.

Nevertheless, there is an alternative stone to the diamond, little known in France, called moissanite which is attracting more and more young couples. It offers you the possibility of having a beautiful engagement ring of significant size, which crosses the generations, at a price much more accessible than the diamond. Moissanite and diamond are different, but they have similar durability and appearance.

Why buy a moissanite ring?

The diamond is not a rare precious stone in nature, and it is just held by an industrial monopoly that destroys the earth and which does not respect men in the countries of origin. The illusion around the diamond is created thanks to the social pressure that this industry has managed to make. They conveyed the image of a gemstone, the ultimate sign of romance, commitment, investment, and wealth in a relationship. And they’ve done it for so long that it’s a strong entrenched narrative, and people who stray from that narrative are often judged and given feedback from their social circle, including family and friends. friends, colleagues, etc.

If you feel this pressure, but your couple currently does not have a large budget, you can very well opt for a moissanite, which looks the same as the diamond. Those around you probably will notice the difference if you have a diamond expert in your circle of friends. And when you have more budget, you can easily change the center stone. But if you feel comfortable with your personal beliefs and choices, that’s fine! Moissanite is a stone made for reasonable people who want to offer a beautiful ring that is eternal, hard, shiny, ethical, and above all, affordable.

Indeed, by buying a moissanite, your jewel will have a TRUE price based on the true value of the materials that make up your jewel. The depreciation during resale is much less important for a moissanite jewel than for a diamond jewel! Unless you buy a large diamond of exceptional quality!

Apart from that, different reasons can lead you to buy the moissanite engagement rings:

  • Some clients are afraid to wear their diamond engagement ring for fear of losing it or having it stolen. They save the diamond ring for special occasions and buy a fine quality moissanite engagement rings with 18k gold every day. This makes one more jewel luxurious and durable, but without being as expensive as a diamond equivalent.
  • When you love beautiful, precious jewelry, it isn’t very easy to afford a beautiful creation at a high price each time. Moissanite is a very nice alternative, and it offers you the possibility of choosing a beautiful piece of jewelry at a more affordable price and of having a larger collection!
  • Moissanite allows you to offer yourself or be offered a beautiful jewel with a central stone or larger, more imposing stones. Discreet jewelry is fine, but beautiful, imposing, visible jewelry asserts your personality and tastes.
  • The aspect of the moissanite compared to the diamond is a determining criterion for some. The fiery shine and dazzling shine are more attractive. Moissanite has a more marked “personality” than the relatively neutral and icy diamond.
  • The ethical aspect that this stone offers. Preserving the environment and creating a better, more equal, and fair world for future generations. Guilt-free beauty, durability, and shine!
  • Finally, moissanite is a versatile and easy-to-put stone. It is worn in any setting and pairs well with other gemstones, including diamonds and different colored metals.

The difference between moissanite and diamond is clearer now! In any case, we are happy to see that young couples choose stones that look like them and that they carry less of the weight of tradition. So if you’re looking for the perfect diamond alternative because of cost or eco-consciousness, moissanite is for you!


Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are popular for both men and women. Diamond wedding bands for women are perfect for adding a little extra sparkle to the engagement ring. There are many styles to choose from, such as rings set with diamonds or rings partially set with diamonds. For men, diamond wedding rings have become popular in recent years. Men’s diamond wedding bands are perfect for men looking for a luxurious option. Wedding band styles with set diamonds tend to be the most popular, with a single or a handful of diamonds used to punctuate the metal band.

Why are so many people being deceived?

Because of similar properties in clarity and hardness, moissanite can also be cut to shine like diamonds. While this allows consumers to buy engagement rings on a budget, it also allows unscrupulous people to sell them for real diamond prices. It’s not surprising that consumers and jewelers alike were fooled by scammers online when moissanite first hit the market. Unlike other diamond simulants, when it comes to examining moissanite, it cheats most tests with basic gemological instruments.

As a consumer, I’m going to share with you a simple method of pulling moissanite out of a real diamond. It doesn’t require any sophisticated instruments or expensive tools. All you need is a 10x magnifying glass and a pair of sharp and tricky eyes.

How To Buy Affordable Moissanite Engagement Rings In The USA?

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