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Step 1 A A Why the 12-step Journey Begins with Powerlessness

Content Life has Become Unmanageable Your Beacon of Hope! Alcohol & Antidepressants Drug Interactions Step 1 in AA – Why You Aren’t Powerless What Are Some Myths About This Step? At The Kimberly Center, we know that acknowledging powerlessness isn’t easy, but we want to help simplify the recovery process. Call us now at KCENTER […]

The Link Between Alcohol and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Content Arrogant and Manipulative Behavior Dual diagnosis Ways to Get Some Pleasure Back Into Your Life Novel Associations Among Trauma, Mindfulness, and Impaired Control Over Alcohol Use Deficits in mindfulness account for the link between borderline personality features and maladaptive humor styles Taking responsibility for actions and behaviors would mean moving out of denial and […]